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The sweet scent of success


Building New Brand-Influencer Relationships, Creating Public Traction & Assist in Collaborating Fresh Ideas

REISE worked closely with the Jo Malone London team, launching two signature scents: the Blossoms Mediterranean Collection & the brand's most known scent, English Pear and Freesia. The agency also worked closely with the team to usher in their huge end-of-year ‘Christmas Snowball Event’.


The Blossoms Mediterranean campaign managed to garner a total reach of 503,231, making its mark amongst avid Jo Malone London consumers. In October 2022, the English Pear & Freesia perfume was the most anticipated launch of the year. REISE understood the importance of sticking close to the brand’s signature identity while forming new collaborations with up-and-coming new faces. A campaign highlight was delving into working with new creators who are recognised on different platforms but were still able to capture the essence of English Pear and Freesia via Instagram.

Another large part of the brand's activations is their yearly Christmas event, where nearly 200 guests comprising business partners, friends and family of the brand as well as long-term collaborating creators gather to celebrate festively.  A total of 80 invitees comprising socialites, brand favourites and creators were coordinated by REISE. Other than management of attendees alongside the brand, the Agency also acted as the intermediate between brand and creator - introducing new creators to the world of Jo Malone London, representing the brand Overall, 46 added value in-feed postings & 7 IG Reels were lobbied from REISE's attendees, including multiple postings from AA-level local celebrities and socialites.

The event itself was a success and gained a lot of attention on social media with the hashtag #SeasonOfScents.

Expanding Reach Into Newer Audiences

While Jo Malone London is already a household name in the fragrance industry, the brand still faced the challenge of staying relevant in the market and being ahead of competitors. How can the brand stay up to date with shifting trends, recruit new consumers/ customers while still maintaining the brand's overall vision and ethos?

Brand-Creator Compatibility

Intertwined with New Recruitment, another specific challenge was identifying new creators that have the right compatibility with the brand for long-term exposure. This includes up-and-coming Gen Z creators, Tik-Tokers and new faces who might fit well with the brand's persona, but may not aesthetically have similar prowess. This includes identifying creators whose personalities/ content style matches the brand's prestige without shying too far from their own unique identity. The Agency also partook in enabling brand inductions for creators new to the brand - this includes having specific content guides (visual and written guides) to best aid creators in producing high quality content that could meet the brand-creator bridge in the middle.


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