MIND helps you connect with the right audience

Understand demographics, psychographics, digital channel relevancy, interests, buying mindset and more!

Marketing Intelligence and Data; Go beyond the traditional, demographic-based segmentation practices.
Trusted by marketers worldwide.
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REISE MIND audience intelligence personality chart of audience abd brand affinityConsumer behaviour data on typical use of credit cards from general population to targeted audience
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We now know our core audience

We were constantly marketing to one specific age group, and completely alienating users who wanted to make a purchase. MIND helped us identify this gap.

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Financial Services
Critical to our planning

Very professional team. Critical thinkers looking to address the root of our marketing challenges

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Health & Beauty
Easy to work with

Thorough, and great to work with. Working with REISE has been seamless.

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Great customer service

No complaints, we were constantly in the dark on who to target, now we're not spending money on loose assumptions.

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Health & Beauty

It's free with no
hidden fees

MIND enables consultants, marketing teams, and agencies to reevaluate target audiences for marketing efficiency
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Understanding your marketable audience has never been easier. Get your Baseline Audience report today for free. Connect your channels for historical and predictive analysis with Advanced Audience.

Baseline Audience


View your audience's demographic, socio economic and personality.

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Understand your addressable market by industry category

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Market specific

Segment between local, regional and global data

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Advanced Audience
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Predictive audience insights with owned historical data. 

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Connect Owned Channels

GA, website, app & social platforms to measure predictive data with owned historical data

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Scale Digital Marketing Efforts

In-house the specialists needed to execute your campaigns

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