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In-housing a digital-first MarCom team for a traditional business


In-housing a Digital-first MarCom Team for a Traditional Business

Our Regional client were in the process of reviewing their internal Marcom efforts for the region, under our guidance they understood that there were areas like in-house creative, social media, sales materials and even employee communication could benefit from a digital set up. This is where we came in, to set-up, manage and hire a team of experts for all MarCom duties across 7 markets.

Business transformation

Upon deployment of our efforts, and process that would be cascaded across both REISE teams and the brand teams we not only focused on creative materials production but also started transforming the business infrastructure, challenging the methods in use and assisting the C-level in the company with the latest digital tools to help transform the business all the way to recruiting.

To stay informed and support efficient decision making for key markets, REISE build custom automated data dashboards to allow the C-level to understand what key actions, output and KPIs were being tracked accross each team and market.

Crisis Management

As a full-service MarCom team we also help to set-up the backed of our social listening tool-stack to allow for continuous monitoring for the brand's perception online, as well as any spikes in relation to the businesses our client works with to allow for a standard mitigation plan for any negative mentions online.

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Increase in content engagement
Regional website traffic increase compared to the previous year
Decrease in turn-around time in output
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