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Going Beyond User Acquisition


Qualifying lead generation

When working on lead generation efforts one of the biggest pain point brands often face are the qualification process. This is especially the case when we consider large sets of lead. The client often were met with a high volume return of prospects but a lower approval rate for digital bank account openings and personal loan inquiries.

Optimising for goals after conversion

We created an ecosystem where we optimised towards goals after conversion. These goals were set up to ensure that eligible users are also engaged with other ABMB products.

This ecosystem enabled the brand to overachieve its set KPIs for the number of loans approved as well as increasing the volume of incoming leads.

We managed to track users from when they see an ad, all the way to when they apply for that specific product of choice. This was done by constant optimisation on the landing page, ads and by monitoring all activities through a real-time dashboard.


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